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Hurts to Write... 4/26/16

Gee Scott - Monday, April 25, 2016
Hurts to Write...

I haven't written in a while because of a couple reasons. For one, every time I write, all I can do is think of my Dad. He couldn't wait for me to publish the next Blog. He would say, "Hey Champ, are you gonna get your Blog out today?" I really miss that. Another reason is because I don't want to continue talking about my Dad all the time with my blog. I'm sure some of you you might say, "Enough already!!" However, some of you understand.

Let's see, what's going on in my life right now? I just turned 40 on April 11th. That was pretty cool. Had a few friends over for dinner. Pretty cool of them to come by, and for Tina to put everything together.
April 9th I was the Auctioneer for the NAAM Gala (Northwest African American Museum). They were the first place to hire me the year before to do my first auction. April 15th I was the Auctioneer for Saving Great Animals auction. Really cool night. April 20th I was on stage for WeDay. That was a really cool experience. I had a chance to speak in front 20,000 people. Unbelievable experience. April 21st, I was the Auctioneer for NACE ( National Association of Catering Executives).
Wait wait wait.... Listen to this.
So April 21st falls on a Thursday right? The entire time I'm thinking the NACE auction is on Friday. Well at 5:40pm I get a text asking if they were gonna see me tonight.. OMG!! It's Thursday and not Friday. I'm at Baby Gee's football training (Baby Gee is my son), and I live in Kent. Now understand I was suppose to be there by 5pm. So I ask what time exactly does the Live auction start? She says 7:00pm. I said no problem, I'll be there. I made it from Bellevue to Kent, showered, got dressed, and made it to Seattle by 6:50pm. I made it with 10 mins to spare. To this day, I can't believe that happened to me. That will NEVER happen again.

Last night I was honored to be a part of the judges panel for the SeaGals competition. Wow was that really hard. So many talented girls, and only so many spots. I also did a SeaGals dance routine. I know what you're thinking. How bad could it be? Well, it was 100 times worse than I thought it would be. Lol. I was so bad. Hahahaha!! It was live streamed on Seahawks.com too. Many people got to see how terrible I was.

Now I'm headed to work. I'm grateful for my day job. Nothing better than going to work daily to do something you love. Here's to a great week for you and I. Be safe. Love your neighbor. Stay encouraged.

Preciate cha for reading, love ya for that.... Until next time,


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