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Lavar reminds me of my Dad...

Gee Scott - Thursday, May 18, 2017
Remember when the Minnesota Vikings were really good that year? 1998, and they went 15-1 in the regular season, only to lose in the NFC championship game to the Falcons. If my dad were here he wouldn't like me telling this story. Hahaha... So during that season, my father sent his resume to the Vikings so that he could be personal security for Dennis Green. He kept telling me and my sister that he was going to be his personal security. My sister and I behind his back would just laugh. We both would say, "There he goes again, always thinking crazy stuff."

If you know me, then you've probably read a story or two about my dad. If you don't, well, he was my hero. He passed away February 18th, 2016. My dad was a big thinker. I mean, Big! He we would tell us all the time that there is nothing we can't do. When I was younger he would tell me that he believed that I would be the first black President. After basketball games he would tell me that I was going to be better than Michael Jordan. On the way to baseball games he would tell me that I was a better hitter than Andre Dawson. There wasn't anything that I couldn't do. Most of the time when he would say that I didn't even believe it, I would kind of roll my eyes. During that time, I was just so happy that nobody ever heard him talk, because if they did, they would call him crazy. I'm just glad he never had a platform. I've never wanted to tell this until now. I'm sure some of you can tell that I defend Lavar Ball a little bit. Why? Cause he reminds me of my father. I mean, when he talks, I hear my father. Now, are there things that Lavar says that I don't agree with, yes. Are there things that my dad wouldn't say that he says? Yes! What stands out to me with Lavar is how much he loves his sons. I can see the pride he has when he talks about them.

So here is where I am with things. For years one of the biggest problems in society is lack of black fathers in the home. I don't have time to break that down, but I hope you're following me. Most of the focus with Lavar is what he says. Most will say that he is messing it up for his sons. Some of those same folks will be the first one to point to the other athlete and talk about how his dad is absent, dead, or in prison. Lavar might be the loud obnoxious dad, but isn't the most important thing is that he is raising those boys to be men? Good men too. I mean, what's your opinion on Lonzo so far? Lonzo will be the top 3 pick in the upcoming NBA draft. Is that because of his dad? Yes? No? If Lonzo was a bad kid, would that be because of his dad? Yes? No? Would you feel better if those kids were bad kids? Hey, maybe Lavar is everything you say he is, but being a Dad doesn't exactly come with instructions.

So my dad keeps sending the Vikings his resume. My sister and I keep laughing at him, talking behind his back to each other saying how ridiculous he is. Well guess what? The Vikings finally wrote him back. "Dear Mr. Scott, blah blah blah...." They let him down easy, but in the end they said, "If a position becomes available, we have your contact info." Why did they tell my dad that? My dad took his "ummm hell no" letter and thought there was still a chance. The letter back to him was a victory and he let us know how he knows that the Vikings would call him some day. I I'm serious y'all. He was planning on moving there and everything. Well y'all, they never called him. Crazy huh. Want to know something even crazier? 19 years later, his grandson would start his first job. Where? In the equipment room of the Seattle Seahawks. Last Thursday when I dropped my son off at work, all I could do was cry. Tears of joy of course, and really I just I wished that my father was here today. I wish that I could hug him and say, "Kim and I laughed at you before, but now you get the last laugh."

So maybe Lavar won't get the 3 Billion that he wants for Baller Brand. Maybe nobody will buy his shoes. Maybe he is everything that his critics says he is and more. In the end, what if this isn't about Lavar like it wasn't about my dad? Remember, it takes the same amount of energy to think small as it does to think big.

I appreciate you for reading, love ya for that... Until next time.

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