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Life at 40...

Gee Scott - Monday, April 11, 2016
Life at 40... I'm more blessed than I have ever been in my entire life, but I'm also the most sad. I'm grateful for everything and everyone. I'm grateful for Tina. I'm grateful for Baby Gee and Zion. I'm grateful for my Sister and my entire family. I'm grateful for my career. I'm grateful for my health. With all that, I can't overcome the sadness of missing my father. I just can't shake it today. Sometimes I wish I could think about him without getting sad. Just can't do it. Today it has been all day.

Every year since I could remember, he would sing Happy Birthday to me the way a famous radio host Tom Joyner would sing Happy Birthday. I used to always think it was corny, but damn I would love to hear it one more time. He would always say, "Champ, everyday is your birthday when ya got a little change in your pocket." Lol....

It's also a rough day today because of what Tina is going through with her dad. Please say a prayer for him because doctors have given him only 2 months to live. Please keep Tina's entire family lifted in prayer.

So, about Life at 40. Again, I'm grateful to be here another year. I appreciate things more now than ever. I appreciate all of my friends. Last, but not least, I appreciate you. You reading this lets me know you care about me in some kind of way. Thank you. Your energy keeps me uplifted and going. It gives me that spark.

Like I always say... Thank you so much for reading, love ya for that.

Until next time,


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