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Remember when... 5/3/16

Gee Scott - Tuesday, May 03, 2016
Remember how things felt when 9-11-2001 happened. We were all scared as a country. We had no idea what was gonna happen next. So much uncertainty during that time. It was just tragic to see those planes hit the Towers, but when we found out that the Pentagon was hit, there was most definitely panic. At least on my end. I remember talking to family back home, sharing our thoughts back and forth. Trying to figure out what was gonna happen next. Wanna know what I remember most? I remember the Love that was going on through this country. I remember going to the grocery store and talking to complete strangers feeling the love for one another because we are all just in so much shock. Random strangers speaking to each other, no matter what Religion, color, or creed. People were genuinely concerned for each other... What happened?

Today I feel this country is the opposite of what I just described above. There is more and more separation. More and more hate. Less and less willingness to understand one another. Seems as if all that matters is being right. I would rather be wrong at peace, than be right in a hateful place. I experienced some racism recently, and I've been thinking about it for a little while. Not that I have never experienced it before, but for some reason, this had a bit more sting to it. Maybe because of the how I've been feeling lately about what I've been seeing with our country. As I've been thinking about it, my sister calls me, and says something out of the blue. She says, "Have you noticed that racism is a little bad right now?"

Now stop right there.. Let me give you a little background. Never, I mean NEVER have my sister and I had a conversation about this before. Does that mean we're naive, no. Trust me, we are very aware of what goes on around us. The thing is, it has never been to the point where we've had a talk about it. So when she brought it up to me, it kinda caught me off guard. All I could think to say to my sister is what my dad would say right now if he were here. He would probably say, " You can't stop and dwell on it. The sun is still gonna rise tomorrow, so you gotta be ready. Choose to dwell on what's right, everything will take care of itself." Well, just maybe I've heard him say that before. Wink Wink...

Nevertheless, I just had to get this off my chest. So, since you're reading (you know I love ya for that), do me a favor. As we continue to know that we all matter in this world, let's continue to spread just a little more love out here. Just think, after 9/11, we had no problem doing it. I wish we could just bottle up some of that love from those times and sprinkle it on today. That would be pretty damn cool..

Appreciate you for reading, love ya for that...

Until next time,


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