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You have a choice.... 3/13/16

Gee Scott - Sunday, March 13, 2016
My dad would say, "Champ, you have a choice. You can spend your life focusing on what's right with the world, or what's wrong with the world. Either way, you only have so much time." Oh man, he said so much. I can't lie, half the damn time I would think, oh boy, here we go. Does everything have to be a lesson? Damn!! Oh, how I could go for one more lesson right now.
Which brings me to what I want to talk about. How are we in the year 2016, and it seems race relations is at an all-time low? Notice I say "seems". Cause actually it's not. Things are better today, but ya see, social media and the news will have you think a different way. Don't get me wrong, do things need to be better? Hell yeah!! Of course they do, but it's not as bad as some think. I'll prove it to you right now. How is your dealings with someone of another race? No, not your friends, I'm talking about yours. Ya see, when people speak for themselves, and their own situation, it's a lot better than what we hear. I'm in the parking lot of Auburn High School right now. It's 7:30am, and I purposely have my window down right here in front. Every single white person has walked by and either smiled, or said hi. Let that sink in. Ya see, I can focus on what's wrong in the world, and miss out on what's right happening right now in front of me.

So my message today is simple. Outside of the news, outside of social media, where is your heart? I'd bet everything that I own (which ain't very much) that you have a wonderful heart. Wanna know why? It takes a big heart to read my boring blogs... Hahahaha!!!

Gotta go. Really appreciate you for reading, WE (my father and I) love ya for that.

Until next time,


Ps. "When you love everybody, everybody will love you back." -Grant Scott

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